8 Ideal Valentine Gifts That Will Help You Out Or Give You A Laugh

So you haven’t figured out what to buy your sweetheart for Valentines Day! Plenty of places on the internet will tell you what to buy, but most of those places that come up in search engines are trying to sell you their products. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find collections of gift recommendations that will either help you out or give you a laugh.

Geeky Tech Gifts : If there’s one thing the internet has plenty of, it’s geeks, both make and female. And Valentine gifts for those geeks. Geeks Are Sexy has The Geek Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts, which features this USB Plasma Heart which is symbolic, techy, and kitschy all at the same time. PC Magazine has 10 Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts Under $50. Obsessible has Valentine’s tech-themed gifts for lovers. Keep the personality of your recipient in mind, with 10 Valentine’s Gifts for the Female Nerd. And Wired has has more Valentine girly gift gadgets in video form.

Pets and Pet Lovers : Dogs Online magazine has recommendations for Valentine’s Day Gifts For Dog Lovers. Also see Responsible Valentine gifts for dog lovers. Inventor’s Spot has the 8 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Cat. The Humane Society has gifts that may or may not have anything to do with pets, but when you purchase one, you’ll help out homeless cats and dogs. And that may mean a lot to your valentine.

Some Odd Choices : There are gift guides for all purposes. Some are very useful, like Cool and Different Valentine gifts, where I found the Holographic Candlelit Dinner Kit pictured. Then there are the outliers, such as Top 10 Strangest Valentine’s Gifts, 13 Ideas for A Redneck Valentines Day, and the Top Bacon Flavored Valentine Gifts.

Desperation Buys : Some of you are just now noticing that the holiday is coming up as you read this. For you, check out Last Minute, Last Resort Valentine Gifts. The guys at Engadget included the Photoshop Magnet Kt pictured because it’s the kind of things they’d like to receive! Before running out to buy just anything because you forgot Valentines day, read this wiki on how to buy last minute Valentine gifts.

Gifts to Avoid : 15 Gifts That Will Surely Piss Off Your Valentine details gifts that send the wrong message. Imagine the reaction when you give your true love a set of scales to remind her what chocolate does! Valentines Day is full of symbolism that may bite you if you don’t pay attention. Disaboom breaks them down into two lists: the Top 10 Worst Valentine’s Gifts for Your Boyfriend, and the Top 10 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Girlfriend. I’d have to agree with 25 Outrageous & Lame Gifts You Should NEVER Get Your Girlfriend. Inventor Spot weighs in with Nothing Says Love Like An Anti-Valentine Gift.

Green Valentines : An environmentally-minded sweetheart will go nuts with a eco-gift for Valentines day. The Daily Green guides you with Everything You Need for a Green Valentine’s Day. They can even steer you to fair trade organic chocolate like the Dagoba chocolates pictured, wrapped in recycled paper. Green Student U has Non-Traditional Green Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas. If you wait until the last minute, find Last Minute Green Valentine’s Gifts, but only if you live in New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco.

Cheap : While some may be able to afford Wildly Expensive Valentine’s Day gifts, most folks are thinking of cutting back since the economy took a turn. You don’t have to search far for Frugal Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas. The ‘net will steer you to cheap or even free Valentine gifts. But what does “cheap” mean? If you’re looking for gifts under $30, the gift guide for you is from from StyleHive, where I found the heart scarf pictured from for only $4.95.

Do It Yourself Experiences : Valentine gifts don’t have to be store-bought. Some aren’t even technically gifts, but experiences to make the holiday memorable. Life 123 has Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Make for Your Girlfriend. You can make your own personalized Valentine message hearts shown above with instructions from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. Or make a Delicious Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home.

Honestly, although you’ll find great Valentine ideas on the internet, there is no one perfect Valentine gift. The perfect gift is the one your sweetheart wants. My boyfriend gave me a cooking pan that was noticeably absent from my extensive cookware collection, with all the right features. Even he made the remark that it seems quite un-romantic, but I disagree. It is the perfect gift because it was what I wanted. Not only that, but I was touched that he listened and knew what I wanted without even asking me. That means more than if he had spent oodles of money on candy, flowers, or jewelry.

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