Time To Return After Kinglake Bushfire

AFTER devastating fires tore through the town, residents of Kinglake are returning to see what's left. Everything is wiped out :( .. they are lost totally .. There is no sign of their home or their beloved ones. They not even know their future :( ... Check out the most devastating images after this horrible incident " The kinglake Bushfire " ...

Allowed back ... Jayne Amatnieks stands in what's left of her home after the Kinglake bushfire. More than 70 people in the town were killed.

Wiped out ... Kinglake residents like Jayne and Karl Amatnieks are starting to return to see what is left of their homes and their devastated town.

A smile in the sadness ... Craig and Vivian Eyles, with two-year-old Logan, stock up on donated goods after fires destroyed Kinglake.

Determination ... a sign in front of the Amatnieks' home shows their fighting spirit.

Scorched ... Bernie Hansell found his medals from Vietnam in the remains of his home.

Survival ... Jodie and Dean Gentsch, with kids Madison, Tyler and Jayden, in front of their home. Dean stayed to fight the raging fire.

Nothing left ... Richard Clark sees his home for the first time since Saturday. He took photos to show his wife and kids.

They will rebuild ... Bernie and Jan Hansell return to what remains of their home.

Corrugated devastation ... Hayley Pike and Oliver Milanovic have vowed to rebuild their lives in Kinglake.

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