Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's day is 2-days away and I think you people will already searching for wonderful gifts for your lover. Let me give me some tips on how to attract people with some innovative gifts. Some electronic gifts with love theme will be good. And one cannot miss the famous hearts, hearts glittering with lights will also be amazing. The above mentioned are my ideas ... Check out some unique collection of quality gifts to kick the occasion up a notch. So don't wait, impress your lover with some amazing innovative gifts :)

Stacking birthstone rings : Price ($39.95 - $159.95 )

Birthstones are an ideal way to keep a reminder of a loved one close at hand.

Assorted hand-dipped strawberries : Price ($39.95 )

These incredible, mouthwatering fruits are sure to have the crowds oohing and ahhing. Each succulent strawberry is artfully hand-dipped then coated in goodies for a unique flavor combination in every bite.

Get Lucky Dice : Price ($34.95)

Getting lucky just got easier. The set of pewter dice is inscribed with action words, body parts and parts of speech. Take turns rolling the dice and acting out the various commands such as "brush lips against back." Includes one wild-card body part best left to the imagination.

Eberjey lovestruck chemise and hot pants : Price ($34.95 - $99.95)

A gift this pretty will be unwrapped in no time. Designed by women for women, Eberjey’s lingerie set fits just right, in all the right places. Ruby-red fabric and cream lace make the lingerie set feminine, flattering and ever so alluring.

The ultimate valentine`s day gift : Price ($79.95 )

Want to tell your valentine that she's the world to you? Send her two dozen sweet expressions roses with all the works!

Romantic fortune cookies : Price ($24.95 )

"Your love life is about to take a turn for the interesting." Confucius couldn't have said it better. Each of these crispy chocolate-covered cookies comes with a romantic version of the traditional fortunes.

Sterling xo necklace : Price ( $44.99 )

These timeless symbols date back to the 18th century, when an "X" was used in place of a signature and an "O" represented the circled arms of an embrace.

The ultimate romance collection : Price ($139.95 )

Want to tell your Valentine that she's the world to you? Send her three dozen long-stemmed red roses with all the works!

Couple's bath caddy : Price ($59.95 )

Combine two parts bubbly and one part bubbles for a romantic end to a long day—or beginning of a long night. These solid-bamboo caddy makes it easy to navigate a slippery tub for two.

Ballpark cuff links : Price ( $149.95 - $229.95 )

As seen in InStyle magazine.

These aren't just cuff links—they're a piece of baseball history. Crafted of salvaged seats from America's most famous and beloved stadiums, these cuff links are one of a kind. Coated in the original paint of the stadium seat colors, each cuff link boasts a deep patina collected from decades of home openers, double-headers and grand-slam ovations.

Frog prince : Price ($64.95 )

Celebrate your Prince Charming’s royal qualities with this tiny, whimsical frog that's finely crafted down to the tiniest detail.

* hollow-cast sterling silver with a brass crown
* arrives in red velvet bag with a box that says "you're my prince"
* 1"L
* made in USA

Large brushed-nickel watch case : Price ( $79.95 )

Lost time is never found again, Benjamin Franklin once said. And back then, a man had only one pocket watch to keep track of—the one that went with his three-cornered hat. Nowadays, men typically own several watches to suit multiple moods and occasions.

Kama sutra weekender kit : Price ($39.95)

Take romance on the road with this discreet sampler, thoughtfully designed to slip into a purse, pocket or honeymooner's bag. A perfect introduction to the many joys of the Kama Sutra.

What fills her heart necklace : Price ($49.95 - $59.95 )

This necklace pays tribute to a mother's love, featuring a single heart-shaped pendant that can be filled with one, two, three or four loose freshwater pearls, one for each of her children.

Wine filled truffles : Price ($24.95 )

The only thing better than wine and chocolate is the combination of both. Popped into the mouth, the flavors of decadent chocolate and wine meld into one sensual bite.

Secret heart box : Price ($39.95 )

The hidden treasure inside tiny chest is a reminder that love is all we ever need. Penned by George Sand, the words on the tiny scroll tucked into pewter box contain a simple yet powerful message: "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved."

Hugs and kisses bouquet : Price ($49.95)

A dizzying array of deep, robust color, the Hugs and Kisses bouquet contains one dozen tulips and one dozen iris, fresh from the fields. It's an always-impressive bouquet perfect for a "dinner for two," a special someone's birthday, or anytime you want to make someone's heart race.

Celestial diamond necklace : Price ($99.95 )

Give her the moon and the stars with this necklace inspired by the Pleiades, a constellation also known as the Seven Sisters. Rendered in sterling silver and diamonds, the pendant serves as a sparkling reminder of the magic of the universe.

True love heart necklace : Price ($39.95)

A faceted deep-red garnet, an ancient symbol of passion and fidelity, lends the sparkle of true love to this sterling-silver pendant. Script lettering spells out the feelings in your heart—and hers.

Philips digital photo frame : Price ($229.95 $199.95 )

Part photo album, part electronic gadget, the Digital PhotoFrame is the perfect way for Dad to show off. The screen displays up to 150 high-pixel images with crisp, print-quality colors and sharp definition. Show images in slideshow, single-photo or thumbnail formats.

Scent with love : Price ($69.95 )

The French tulips, star-of-Bethlehem, fragrant oriental lilies, and Bells of Ireland lend this bouquet an international aura, and create a collection of blooms that is equally captivating and lavish.

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Unknown said...

the hand dipped strawberries look delicious...Also thinking of gifting my valentine a wine club membership from Bottlenotes because she just loves wines..This should be a great surprise for her ..Maybe I'll also cook some great food for her.That should make her happy !

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